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About Coastal Poolscapes

Coastal Poolscapes is the dream child of Mike Baker, Chris Tsonis, and Jon Henry. The trio wanted to bring truly high end, artisanally crafted pools to Wilmington NC and the rest of Southeast North Carolina.

Coastal Poolscapes opened its doors in 2019 as the covid-19 pandemic was surging across the nation. Most everybody was staying home and those with pools took advantage.

Above ground pools were sold out for months at a time, meanwhile homes with in ground pools found their home values skyrocketing.

Mike, Chris, and Jon brought in the best concrete craftsman from around the country to build the best concrete pools possible. These masters of concrete are a tight knit unit and it’s impressive to watch them work with such coordination and precision.

The trio decided at the start of the business that quality will always beat quantity. They were only interested in building high end custom pools that look amazing, function effectively and efficiently, and are lit in a way that makes every dip feel like you’re at a luxury spa.

This is why we only build 24 pools a year. We build pools for the most discriminating of clients. Clients who value quality craftsmanship and who seek the best things in life.

This is our ethos: The best, or nothing.

Discover the Coastal Poolscapes Difference

Ensure fun for years to come and raise the value of your home at the same time. Click the button to get started on your completely free quote for a custom pool.

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We design and build high-quality, technologically advanced, custom pools for clients in the Wilmington, NC area and beyond.

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